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Previous Symposia Programs

Advanced Antimicrobial Stewardship and IDAC Fall Symposium 2018

Emerging Clinical Issues in Infectious Diseases 2018

IDAC Winter Symposium 2018

Practical Healthcare Epidemiology and IDAC Fall Symposium 2017

IDAC Spring Symposium 2017

IDAC Winter Symposium 2017

Practical Antimicrobial Stewardship IV 2017

IDAC Fall Symposium 2016

Practical Antimicrobial Stewardship III 2016

31st Annual IDAC Spring Symposium 2016

4th Annual Northern California IDAC Winter Symposium 2016

Practical Antimicrobial Stewardship: 2016

30th Annual IDAC Fall Symposium 2015

Practical Antimicrobial Stewardship: 2015

30th Annual IDAC Spring Symposium 2015

3rd Annual Northern California IDAC Winter Symposium 2015

29th Annual IDAC Fall Symposium 2014

29th Annual IDAC Spring Symposium 2014

2nd Annual Northern California IDAC Winter Symposium 2014

28th Annual IDAC Fall Symposium 2013

28th Annual IDAC Spring Symposium 2013

1st Annual Northern California IDAC Winter Symposium 2013

27th Annual IDAC Fall Symposium 2012

27th Annual IDAC Spring Symposium 2012

Essentials of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program: 2012

26th Annual IDAC Fall Symposium 2011

26th Annual IDAC Spring Symposium 2011

25th Annual IDAC Fall Symposium 2010

25th Annual IDAC Spring Symposium 2010

24th Annual IDAC Fall Symposium 2009

24th Annual IDAC Spring Symposium 2009

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